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For first time users, check out the easy, free, online 3D design app, Tinkercad.

Prusa i3 MK2

  1. Preheating the Printer
    1. Push the wheel down to open the menu
    2. Scroll and locate "Preheat." Select it
    3. Select "PLA- 215-55"
  2. Changing the Filament
    1. Preheat the Printer
    2. Push the wheel down to open the menu
    3. Scroll and locate "Unload Filament." Wait for the filament to be removed
    4. Swap the spools located about the printer bed
    5. Using the wire cutters, cut the end of the new filament at an angle. Insert the filament through the extruder
    6. Push the wheel down to open the menu
    7. Scroll and locate "Load Filament"
    8. Help guide the filament down by applying slight pressure on the filament

Thermal Runaway:
If this occurs try lowering the temperature of your print to 210 c. For more information on this issue visit Prusa Research-Thermal Runaway

Have any questions? Feel free to ask our staff, they should be able to assist you. Have any recommendations? Please let us know how we can do better.