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Carbide 3D CNC Router

The Carbide 3D CNC Router has the ability to cut through soft metals, wood, and plastic. It looks a lot like a 3D printer, but instead of printing a figure, it carves one. This machine has the ability to academically benefit not only STEM majors, but students from a variety of disciplines


Travel (X): 8in

Travel (Y): 8in

Travel (Z): 3in

Max Speed (X, Y): 100in/min

Max Speed (Z): 50in/min

Mechanical Resolution: .0005in

Mechanical Repeatability: .0015in

Mechanical Accuracy: .005in/ft

Spindle Power: 50watt

Spindle Speed: 2000 - 10000RPM

Max Cutter Diameter: 1/4in

Power Supply: 240 watt

Voltage: 120/240

Weight: 60lbs

Setting Up the CNC Machine

Carbide Create

  1. Carbide Create is located on the upper right side of the desktop screen
  2. Start by choosing the setting icon in the upper left part of the application
  3. Then select the Stock Size, here is were you upload the length and width of the piece of material you are cutting into REMEMBER the length is in inches
  4. Next is Stock Thickness, this is how thick the material is

Carbide Motion