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Carbide 3D CNC Router

The Carbide 3D CNC Router has the ability to cut through soft metals, wood, and plastic. It looks a lot like a 3D printer, but instead of printing a figure, it carves one. This machine has the ability to academically benefit not only STEM majors, but students from a variety of disciplines


Travel (X): 8in

Travel (Y): 8in

Travel (Z): 3in

Max Speed (X, Y): 100in/min

Max Speed (Z): 50in/min

Mechanical Resolution: .0005in

Mechanical Repeatability: .0015in

Mechanical Accuracy: .005in/ft

Spindle Power: 50watt

Spindle Speed: 2000 - 10000RPM

Max Cutter Diameter: 1/4in

Power Supply: 240 watt

Voltage: 120/240

Weight: 60lbs

Setting Up the CNC Machine

Carbide Create

  1. Carbide Create is located on the upper right side of the Mac's desktop screen
  2. Start by choosing the setting icon in the upper left part of the start page
  3. Then select the Stock Size, here is were you upload the length and width of the piece of material you are cutting into REMEMBER the length is in inches
  4. Next is Stock Thickness, this is how thick the material is
  5. The Toolpath Zero is were the drill bit will start. This should always be set at ‘Lower Left’.
  6. Then choose the material you are cutting into
    1. Make sure the units are in inches
    2. To put the material you're cutting into in the Nomad 883, first locate the double sided tape. Put the double sides tape on you're project and press in onto the base. Make sure it is straight or you're project will not come out straight on the block of material you've placed in the Nomad.
  7. For Machine, select "Nomad 883"
  8. Click okay, this will send you back to the start page
  9. Next you'll be able to either 'Create Vector' or 'Import' you're own design
    1. Adjust the size, orientation and scale
  10. After you’ve done this, to go back to the start page click 'Unselect'
    1. To clear any unwanted designs go back to settings and choose 'clear drawing', this removes everything
  11. Then click & drag the cursor to select your entire design and choose Toolpath
  12. Then select V Curve, this will tell you what size drill bit is going to be used
  13. If the tool is correct then click okay, the default is "#102 0.125in"
    1. If not choose 'edit' and select the correct tool bit size. Then change the machines drill bit by unscrewing the bit holding and replacing it with the corresponding drill bit.
  14. Confirm entire design is still selected, then choose contour. It will show you the drill bit size again to make sure its correct and to let you know if the drill bit size is too large for the size project you're doing.
  15. Edit the Max Depth. The start depth is not important because you will set this in Carbide Motion.
  16. Then choose Offset Direction is how the drill bit will cut the design into the material.
    1. Pocket will cut out the inside of the design.
    2. Outside/Right will cut the outline of the design.
    3. Inside/Left with cut the inside of your design but only the inline, not the whole thing like Pocket
    4. No Offset will cut strictly on the lines of your design shown.
  17. Select Okay, you with see your Toolpath's listed and you can edit them by clicking on them
  18. Then 'Save GCode'
  19. Name and save to the desk top
  20. Then Open Carbide Motion

Carbide Motion

  1. Make sure the Nomad 883 is on and connected to the Mac.
  2. Select 'Load" and load your project to Carbide Motion
  3. Then choose 'Jog'
  4. Then 'click to Begin Homing'. The machine will start to move, homing is returning the machine to starting position.
  5. Then 'click to Measure Tool'. The machine is now measuring the drill bit.
    1. If 'Limit Switch Hit' error pops up turn off the machine, unplug it, and push the drill and/or the base then try again. Repeat till it works.
  6. Next you're going to move the drill bit to the Lower Left. As selected in Carbide Create. Use 'Move Increment' to move the drill bit head faster or slower. Us the X, Y and Z buttons on the screen to move the drill bit. Place the drill bit on the Lower Left and as close to the material as possible. You should be able to move a piece of paper between the drill bit and the block of material with a small amount of friction.
    1. If you selected 'Lower Left' in Carbide Create then move the drill bit to that position.
  7. Then select 'Set Zero'
  8. Choose 'Zero All' then choose 'Done'
  9. Run will then appear, select 'Run'
  10. Then wait for your project to be done