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Here at _Space.URI, we have a number of different 3D printers available for the University of Rhode Island community. Each 3D printer has the potential to bring your digital dream to life, although depending on the material you'd like to use, and your specific project, one printer might be more beneficial than another. To find more information about each printer and how to print using each one, refer to the following list:

To print moving parts, the objects must have a clearance of 0.3-0.9mm on all sides. The clearance varies from printer to printer so start with 0.6mm and adjust from there.

*If you would like to create your own model by uploading a file of your own work, or edit existing shapes and models, try the website Tinkercad, here you can  learn more about 3D printing by creating the models yourself in an easy and intuitive design studio. We also have more advanced softwares such as Soildworks, which are available on all of our desktops.
*If you would like to test the printers, but aren't sure of what to make, you can download from thousands of different 3D models around the internet. Some examples of good websites to start browsing for your ideal print are  Thingiverse and Pinshape.